SETPRO “Stuff” 11/11/16

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Some of you who are reading this may have tried to access the SETPRO website/blog and had issues. That’s because over the past week or so I’ve been playing around with updating the website and was trying different software. I apologize for any inconvenience. Also in the very near future I will be announcing that I hope you will find not only informative and also entertaining.

For those who are planning on attending Lantz Wheeler’s (baseballthinktank) Palooza 2016

The old guy in the picture (ME) still has some “stuff” that I don’t think you will have ever heard before on how the body throws the baseball. If you attend please introduce yourself and visit with me.

In the meantime you may find the new video on the SETPRO homepage “The SETPRO Story” interesting and/or entertaining.

As always ENJOY!

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