PITCH-A-PALOOZA 2013 SETPRO EBOOK Sample Presentation

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In 2013 I made a presentation that Lantz Wheeler’s PITCH-A-PALOOZA. It was a two-day presentation. Day 1 was titled PART 1: THE SCIENCE OF THROWING HARD and Day 2 PART 2: THE MECHANICS OF THROWING HARD. I consider these two of the most important presentations that I’ve ever made because they demonstrate that long-held beliefs of what the body does to throw hard are incorrect. For example arm strength as defined by most authorities on pitching mechanics has little to do with how hard one throws the baseball. That is if you are an elite pitcher (MLB caliber throwing 95+ mph).

It’s taken a while (three years) but I finally got around to putting together a downloadable EBOOK version of this presentation. I have created a sample for those who might be interested in pursuing it further.

SETPRO PITCH-A-PALOOZA 2013 Sample Presentation

This is an “exe” file. Download, open and enjoy!

As time permits I will make it available as a purchasable item on the SETPRO website.

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