Throwing the baseball is a Ferris Wheel on a Merry-Go-Round on a Flatbed Truck…..

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Brent Strom is the person who introduced me to Mile Witte. At the time Brent was Minor League Pitching Coordinator for the MontrĂ©al Expos (Brent is now major league pitching coach for the Houston Astros).not only is Mike and accomplished illustrator/cartoonist but a rabbit baseball fan specifically the St. Louis Cardinals. He’s actually quite good friends with the owner the Cardinals and has been involved in player development for the Cardinals.

Brent, Mike and myself had conversations about pitching mechanics and I used the analogy of a Ferris wheel mounted on a merry-go-round mounted on a flatbed truck to describe the throwing process. About a week after this get together Mike sent me a cartoon (shown above) which depicted a that had an arm of a pitcher attached to a Ferris Wheel which is mounted on a Merry-Go-Round mounted on Flatbed Truck.

For a presentation that I did in Houston for Ron Wilforth (Pitching Coaches Boot Camp) I created a graphic depicting the Ferris Wheel which is mounted on a Merry-Go-Round mounted on Flatbed Truck.

The purpose of the graphic is to convey the primary movements occurring during the throwing process. This translational motion towards home plate depicted by the Flatbed. As translation progresses toward home plate rotation of the Merry-Go-Round along with bending forward of the upper torso which can be thought of as rotation in the sagittal plane (upper torso bending forwards).

I have given much thought and research into trying to understand how each of these components optimally works in the throwing process. I will discuss this further in my next posting.

Part of my presentation at Ron Wolforth’s Pitching Coaches Boot Camp Houston TX 2003

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