Rotational Throwing for Numbies is a Internet downloadable EBook.

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Use this form to purchase Rotational Hitting for Numbies. After submitting this form you receive an e-mail with an for the Rotational Hitting for Numbies E-Book internet download. Payment gateway is Paypal. In order to purchase you must have a PayPal account. Once you enter your PayPal account you can either use PayPal funds or your credit or debit card. Thank you for ordering Rotational Hitting for Numbies.

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When you receive your Rotational Hitting for Numbies download you must follow these instructions to activate.

To use the rotational Hitting for Numbies download you must create a folder named SETPRO on your C drive. You must then create a subfolder RHFN such that you have the complete path C:SETPRORHFN. Copy the Rotational Hitting for Numbies download into the RHFN subfolder.

Start the Rotational Hitting for Numbies program by double-clicking on the program RHFN2016.exe file. The first page that you will see is the page shown above. Proceed to the next page which is the first page of REGISTRATION. After reading the software licensing information, proceed to the “NEXT PAGE”. This page contains the actual registration information including your REGISTRATION NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, MACHINE ID and REGISTRATION KEY CODE. You must do the following:

Registration is a 5 step process.

1. Create an email to:

Subject: SETPRO Rotational Hitting For Numbies Registration

In the body of the e-mail supply the following information:


NAME: your customer name, as an example, “John Doe” (John Doe without the quotation marks).

STREET ADDRESS: your home street address, as an example; ” 14 Deer Lane” (Street address without the quotation marks).

CITY, STATE ZIPCODE; your city, state, and ZIP code, as an example; “Green Forest, ME 00110” (without the quotation marks).

E-MAIL ADDRESS: your e-mail address of the computer that run the Rotational Hitting For Numbies Program “Important” the computer that you install Rotational Hitting for Numbies must have an Internet connection when you install and register the product;as an example “” (e-mail address without the quotation marks).

ENTER MACHINE ID: your machine ID is the series of numbers right above the enter ENTER MACHINE ID box, as an example “11122233” (without the quotation marks).

2. Send e-mail to the following to:

Subject: Rotational Hitting For Numbies Registration

Within 24 hours you will then receive an e-mail from SETPRO containing your registration key AND Activation Code.

3. When you receive your registration key you must re-enter your:


AND enter your customer REGISTRATION KEY that was sent to you


4. Once you have entered all the information, use your mouse to left click on the ” CONFIRM” button. You should then see a message that says you Rotational for Numbies is registered and you may proceed.

Thank you for purchasing Rotational Hitting for Numbies. I think you will find the information and instruction contained like no other.

Paul Nyman