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Paul Nyman

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Bobby Shirer

January 12, 2016 at 1:55 pm

Paul, are your “teach your son to hit/throw the #/#!out of the ball” books still available?

Bobby was the first to post a comment in 2016 and appreciation of his persistence in continuing to monitor the SETPRO website Bobby will receive a free copy of the SETPRO e-book “Teach Your Son How to Throw the #/!# Out of the Ball”. This will be available beginning of February. Thank you Bobby for your persistence.

Free sample of this EBook is now available…..

Free sample of this EBook is now available…..

The SETPRO E-Book Lineup


  • Rotational Throwing for Numbies E-Book
  • Rotational Hitting for Numbies E-Book
  • Teacher Son How to Throw the Crap out of the Ball
  • Pitching Coach and Instructor Survival Guide
  • null
  • Stay tuned for upcoming “attractions”….