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Rotational Throwing For Numbies E-Book

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Of all the baseball/softball techniques, throwing is the least taught. As compared to other instructional as there are NO throwing instructional. Rotational Throwing for Numbies explains the difference between what many instructors-coaches "think" is happening with throwing vs. what is "actually" happening when high-level throwers ((with emphasis on"pitchers throwing mechanics"). Rotational Throwing for Numbies explains and illustrates what high-level throwing really is and how high-level players have thrown for 100+ years. That what most teach as throwing and/or call "pitching mechanics" is in reality "guiding" the ball as opposed to throwing the ball. In short this Rotational Throwing for Numbies contains everything that the coach, parent or player needs to know regarding the the throwing process including what good throwing mechanics is and is not and how the body creates a high-level throw. Part 1 is all about throwing biomechanics, throwing physiology, throwing kinesiology, and throwing motor learning. Part 2 demonstrates SETPRO's proprietary backward chaining technique for developing high-level throwing capabilities. All this information is presented in a down-to-earth, nuts and bolts, "how to do it" format. Thank you for your order and Enjoy!!

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