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SETPRO Swing Instructor Program V1.31

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With Special Emphasis On:
Rotational versus linear swing mechanics. Explaining the difference between what many instructors-coaches "think" is happening with the swing vs. what is "actually" happening with the swing. Explains and illustrates what a rotational swing really is and how high-level players have been "rotational" for 100+ years. That a linear swing REALLY a rotational swing with "disconnection" vs. what many people think it is (hands to the ball). In short this e-book contains everything that the coach, parent or player needs to know regarding the swing including what a perfect swing is and is not and how the body creates it. it is swing biomechanics, swing physiology, swing kinesiology, and swing motor learning and control presented in a down-to-earth, nuts and bolts, "how to do it" format.

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