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Teach Your Son How To Throw The #*$!! Out Of The Ball

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Of all the baseball techniques, throwing instruction and development are never addressed. There are NO throwing instructionals. The kid who who shows up with the "strongest arm" (knows how to throw) becomes the stud pitcher and shortstop. Why? Because throwing is regarded as a "talent"., i.e. something you're "born with". And nothing could be further from the truth. Throwing is a learned movement. Throwing "skill" is learned through a trial and error process. And because it is a trial and error process requiring large quantities of deliberate practice, 99% of the time, what we learn is not optimal and does not make use of a full throwing capabilities. Add to this the confusion between good pitching mechanics versus good throwing mechanics and you can start to understand why so few players ever reach their maximum throwing capabilities and subsequent pitching skill. Teach Your Son How To Throw The #*$!! Out Of The Ball explains the what is "actually" happening (how they use their body parts) when Major-League Players throw the baseball. It explains and illustrates what high-level throwing really is and how high-level players have thrown for over 150 years. And what most teach as throwing is really "pitching mechanics" ( how to throw strikes and get the batter out) is in reality "guiding" the ball as opposed to throwing the ball. In short Teach Your Son How To Throw The #*$!! Out Of The Ball contains everything that the coach, parent or player needs to know regarding the the throwing process.is built upon 13 years of SETPRO research and draws heavily upon previous works including the SETPRO Pitching Coaches Boot Camp productions and Rotational Throwing for Numbers. Teach Your Son How To Throw The #*$!! Out Of The Ball uses state-of-the-art multimedia e-book technology featuring proprietary three-dimensional computer-generated throwing demonstrations.Three-dimensional simulations of Nolan Ryan and Tim Lincecum I used to explain every aspect of the front process. These players were chosen because pound for pound they represent the most effective and efficient throwing mechanics in terms of longevity and getting the most out of your body. Teachers on How to Throw It is divided into logical sections for easy learning and reference. 12 "chapters" cover everything necessary to develop high-level throwing capabilities. All this information is presented in a down-to-earth, nuts and bolts, "how to do it" format. Teach Your Son How to Throw the #*$!! Out Of the Ball will be the most important throwing/pitching reference that you will ever/can ever purchase. Thank you for taking the time to explore the possibilities. Thank you for your order..... Enjoy!!

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